Passionate about design and visual organization.

I create Main Titles, Motion Design Animations and Typography Designs for Film & Television.

New Work Coming Soon.. and a Reel...

I have some new skills I am developing and refining. I am REALLY excited to continue diving into motion graphics and animation. I just recently completed School of Motion's Animation Bootcamp and will have some work to show off soon. I am considering enrolling into the Cinema 4D Basecamp to round out the skills set. I am also really excited (and terrified) to create my very first reel. After being in print and web design for the last couple of decades, it was a bit of a shock to find out that "portfolios" really aren't used in motion and animation. In that industry, it's your "reel" that shows if you've got chops. I hear ya! I have to adapt. I can't lie... I am missing the days of preparing a beautiful leather case with mounted ads, collateral and editorial pieces... but I am eager to explore media that moves. Please stay tuned and thank you for your patience. I am becoming more active on social media -- especially within mograph circles. Say hi! I don't bite...

Looking to hire a freelance designer?

Have a brief, but need the talent? I can help. I am a multimedia visual designer with print, web, interactive, and video design skills. Click the EMAIL ME button and let me know how I may put my skills to work with you.