Double-Posting Fun. If You Can’t Beat ‘Em.

Man, the words and thoughts are spilling out of me today… second post of the day!

I was thinking about how uncomfortable I am with being the center of any attention and just putting my life out there. I see people on various social media outlets just baring it all.

I grew up in an era of wanting privacy and not wanting to be “all out there.” Now it seems as though that’s the only way to make it.

Now, I have no intention of exposing my shit, but I do feel like I can put a bit more out there as an artist. I feel like I can share the many struggles I face as a creative who feels less creative than my peers. I feel I undervalue myself considerably because I am not great at the creation portion. I am good at taking an already-existing idea and improving upon it. I feel I excel at organizing large amounts of information and presenting it in a clean, organized, digestible manner.

There are things I am interested in knowing—things I’d like to learn. From 3d sculpting, to entering the world of sex tech to motion graphics, I feel there are people who would totally connect to the struggles and discoveries I uncover every day.

From my recent struggles with weight, to my battles with depression and my attempts at discovering my own creative wellspring, I feel I can connect with people going through the same things and—in the process—document my own growth.

You will see me more. Love me. Hate me. Whatever. I am way more critical of myself than anyone could ever be. But I want to explore more. Love more. Fight more. Play more. I have a lot of growing left to do, and I feel there’s no better time than the present to join the selfie stick culture… Man, I hate that idea… Maybe I’ll coin the phrase, the “gimbal gallant.”

If you are in the sex tech industry, create 3d models for gaming or entertainment or work in motion graphics, hit me up. I’d be willing to treat you to coffee or sushi and kick it. I would love to hear about the industries and figure out how I can fit in.