You Are Not Too Old And It’s Not Too Late.

This image has been making its rounds on the internet, and yeah, I reposted it. Someone, somewhere, needs to see this, hear this, accept this.

After 43 years of life and more than 8 years removed from my last classroom stint, I am once again a student. I registered for an online motion graphics class at School of Motion to help learn some skills and make the transition into motion graphics design a bit easier.

I consider myself old school. I prefer classrooms and teachers. This online learning seems a bit impersonal. But in order for me to succeed and excel in my self-proclaimed “next chapter,” I need to stop considering myself an old school geezer and get with this newfangled way of learning.

We had an exercise assigned today and intimidation set in. Some of these people are REALLY good. Some of the students are half my age and grew up on animation and technology. Hell, I remember the days before the internet! Seeing some really good shit. And while I may be a bit intimidated now, I am eager to get into the trenches and close the talent/skills gap.

On another note: the results from some of the other students hold up my opinion that American designers suck. The best pieces to me are done by students from overseas or in South America. Reinforces my thoughts that I need to travel. And badly!

I’m in this for the long haul. Motion graphics is the world I want to live in and it’s time to get it. Let’s gggoooooooooooo! I know salty tears are gonna be a part of the journey, as well as a lot of sleepless nights over the next 8 weeks. But I am planning on coming out on the other side in a MUCH better place. Excited for the possibilities!