Tackling Lonliness In VR. And The Porn Could Use Some Work…

I bought an Oculus Go VR headset a couple of weeks ago. One of the most enjoyable purchases I have made in a while.

I find myself diving into the app AltSpaceVR pretty regularly–for nothing more than shooting some virtual hoops on my virtual rooftop penthouse.

A Friend of mine talked me into getting the headset. We met up once in VR and then he ditched me (he just moved and doesn’t have internet set up yet).

One of the things I still find super awkward is that not having Friends in VR, and being naturally socially awkward anyways, kinda sucks. There’s this place called the Campfire where people go and socialize. I don’t know anyone in the space. I feel like a creeper just walking around eaves dropping on people’s conversations hoping someone invites me over to hang. Yeah. No one will ever say that I am smooth…

So, a general question — if you’re reading this, is — how would do you go about socializing in VR?

So, a general question — if you’re reading this, is — how would do you go about socializing in VR? I considered two things. The first, is becoming a builder. Creating worlds in AltSpaceVR seems like a cool dive into 3D. I need to download the SDK and learn how to use it. If I can create some cool assets, maybe that will get me a little recognition and a little following. The second way is to host a podcast or an event. Maybe either do an anime show where I can show off new trailers or perhaps tease new toys and model kits. Perhaps a third idea is to do a weekly D&D session… (That one just popped into my head.)

I jumped into VR expecting to find a little relief from the awkward social interactions in real life. What I am finding is that it’s just as tough, if not tougher, to make friends in VR. Since it’s a new and emerging medium for consumer use, the numbers of users are rather small. I feel most people jump into VR already having a small clan to start with.

Outside of that, the experience has been awesome. I have attended a few of the AltSpaceVR events hosted by the staff. I have found some tips on power-using the Oculus Go. Some things from extending the battery life to keeping the unit from overheating during extended sessions.

…and yes… there needs to be better porn offerings. The first dive into VR porn was an A-MAZING experience. After that, it’s been kinda the same old same old. Not a lot of available content now, but it’s getting there. From a recent report on VR content, the adult entertainment library was expending at a rapid clip.

I have tried a couple of games on the Go, and found them enjoyable. Pretty simple, casual experiences. I am seriously considering getting the Rift S later this year and hooking up to my computer and getting more power out of a VR unit. I am also considering a VR camera to shoot my own content. Perhaps give you a behind-the-scenes view to upcoming photo shoots or something. Maybe even do my VR podcast idea. Who knows?