Grow A Little Every Day. The Pursuit To 10K Hours.

I recently started working from home. The company I work for shut down its local office and shipped those who wanted to go to Baltimore. I am in northern VA, and there was no way I was making that hike for this company.

One of the thoughts that hit me was the penchant for people to gain weight once they work from home. I am a larger guy, and I really want to prevent going from large to out of control. So, I started walking. It started as a gentle 1.5 mile stroll to Starbucks and back. After 2 and a half weeks, I have posted my fastest time and the incline I used to huff and puff up, I now only huff — lightly.

This morning I got a slightly earlier start than usual and had a serious burst of energy and extended my walk, adding another half a mile and coming in at over 5,000 steps. I felt great. And as I was walking, I was taking notice of the improvements I have made in my overall health. I feel much more energetic. I eat on a regular schedule and avoid binge-eating. Not because I am a master of self-control, but because I am at the point where my body is getting what it needs. I am becoming an efficient, well-oiled creative machine.

This evening I added a quick project to my Facebook timeline. i spent an hour or so messing around in Adobe After Effects in my pursuit of becoming a motion graphics artist. I notices that this was the third consistent project I completed in three consecutive days. I am finding that my creative brain craves structure, order, consistency just like my body now craves that morning walk. While I am still a LONG way away from being any mograph master, I am noticing that it’s a LOT easier to open up the application now. I am noticing that ideas and experiments are becoming a daily habit.

So as I continue on my path to better health and mograph mastery, I will measure my distance in the exercise of creative conditioning as I push towards that magic number of 10,000 hours.