Growing Pains: The Attempt At Forming A New Habit – Day 2

Yesterday I wrote about trying to start a new habit. The habit of doing a motion graphics project a day. Well, I wrapped up today’s project and I must admit that it kicked my ass! I created a quick fan video about one of my favorite Warhammer 40K armies–the Necrons–and I can already see glaring weaknesses. Another day of having an idea, but not having the technical acumen and handle of the tools to get what I have in my head onto screen. That frustrates me a bit.

But I know this is a process and that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I still can’t stand not being able to grasp the fundamentals of After Effects yet. And I kinda threw myself a curveball by loading up atrial of Red Giant’s Trapcode to work on some particles…

I would like to build up some more skills and come back to this project. I feel the Necrons deserve their spotlight.