My Portfolio Needs a LOT of Work and the Adventures of Design Class

So, I am staring at a blank page and I have no idea what I want to say. But if you stick with me, I am sure I’ll stumble upon something.

I guess the first thing is — if you are reading this — I sincerely appreciate it. Much love to you for putting up with my rambles, and venting. We’re all in this life and we’re trying to figure it out the best we can while we can…

I am on a mission. I have a daily affirmation: I will become a motion graphics designer. The odds may be stacked against me at the moment, but I will prevail.

My portfolio needs a LOT of work! I have identified that a while ago and I am working through it. But there’s nothing more gut-wrenching that hearing a recruiter say that your portfolio is not showing well.

I know that’s an issue.

My job is not very creative and I don’t do any mograph work at the office. People look at my resume and offer me web design gigs. I no longer want to be a web designer. I want to be a motion graphics designer. I will become a motion graphics designer.

I have always heard, “do the work that you want to get.” I did that throughout my print design career. I did that to get into web — by creating my own sites. I am now doing that to get in to motion. That was the thinking behind my applying to the School of Motion’s Design Bootcamp course. I felt this class would lay some groundwork towards creating portfolio pieces in motion design that I would otherwise not know.

And I am so glad I did! I promise, this is not a School of Motion advertisement. This is more of a “you don’t know what you’re missing until you’re confronted by what you lack.”

The first project involved reading through a creative brief and designing creative boards for a video game tournament on Twitch. (Full disclaimer — none of this stuff is getting shown on Twitch… This project is just for educational purposes only.) Now, you may know that I am a huge e-sports fan. I am an even bigger fan of Street Fighter and I follow the Capcom Pro Tour on Twitch every tournament. I remember watching the title cards intently, wishing I had the skills to do that. Well… this project struck that exact nerve for me. Creating the title card transitions for a DotA 2 tournament is kind of a dream scenario project.

Now, getting back to my “you don’t know what you’re missing until you’re confronted by what you lack” showed in this project. I don’t think I have ever worked with a creative brief. How do you dissect a creative brief? Hell, how do you even write a creative brief? This was a ll new territory for me. But I think I took the challenge head on. Check it out in my portfolio and let me know what you think.

This project wraps up at the end of the week. I created 2 sets of boards, and I would really like to spend some time creating a couple more. And as I create more motion design work, I am hoping that I can turn my portfolio on its head and show off much more motion design work that’ll attract the type of work I want to do.