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I got my start in print. Ink runs in my veins.

...not really... but, you know...

I got my start as a graphic designer working in a commercial print shop in Washington, DC. I was fortunate enough to work with amazing pressmen and with amazing organizations like WWF, and brands like Herman Miller, Blue Mercury Spa and XM Radio.

Throughout my career I have always looked for "the next step from print." I got into web design — and most recently — added motion graphics to my design toolkit. But nothing thrills me more than thumbing through paper swatch samples and holding a freshly-printed piece in my hands. It's tangible. It's permanent. To make one's mark in ink on paper is transformative and pushes my pursuit of artistry.

InDesign Specialist

I've been through it all... From Pagemaker to QuarkXpress to the unveiling of Adobe's InDesign v1.0. I have hand a hand in creating print pieces using InDesign for years.


I understand the difference. Having experience in print production gives me a versatile leg up. When I work with you, feel confident that I am knowledgeable of the process and specs for successful print jobs.

72DPI? Only on screen...

With me as your print designer or digital art director, rest easy knowing that I know how to gather the proper assets for creating a successful print campaign. From photography to logos and vector artwork, I'll make sure the job is crispy.